Another GyroStim Success Story for MdDS

    Contributed by Dave Novak with his permission  This is the story of his sister Susan and her GyroStim Success. Hi Everyone. I just joined the group last week in support of my sister Susan who has MdDS. She has had bouts vertigo for over 10 years and after seeing multiple doctors she was […]

Trinity News Published The Following Story – Sharon Chadwell

  Sharon’s Story published TRINITY — With her first luxury cruise fast approaching, Sharon Chadwell couldn’t have been more excited. She and her family were headed to the Bahamas for a three-day cruise. The whirlwind trip was certainly a memorable vacation, but not of the weather-is-great, wish-you-were-here variety, and Chadwell brought home the worst possible […]

Life After MdDS

We both returned home not knowing how to handle a life of normalcy. What would we be able to do without aggravating and reversing what was achieved by Dr Kim Fox and the Gyrostim. How would we live again.

Forty Minutes of Heaven

I have linked a video posted by someone on MdDS Friends FB site. You must take the time to watch. At the end the moderator says we must challenge our vestibular systems. He’s so right. The GyroStim certainly does just that. I didn’t realize till I went in May and just last week it was […]

Sharon’s Story written by Sharon for publication.

In January 2013, after a short 3 day cruise which consisted of one night of rough seas, I lost my life as I knew it.  Immediately following the cruise, I was excessively sleepy and tired with extreme headaches and nausea.  In addition to those feelings I also felt a constant sensation of movement which I […]