Follow up to GyroStim treatment for Mal de Debarquement Syndrome or MdDS 

I will speak to Dr Fox at the Asheville Balance and Vestibular Center on Monday or Tuesday. I am excited and look forward to our conversation. Things seem to be holding steady. I began riding my bike and can do about a mile, I’m working with my balance exercises 3-5 times per day. Also I’m moving and doing more than I could before having the GyroStim treatments. I actually went to see a friend ride in a Jet fighter plane standing for nearly 30 minutes without the need to sit or leave. It was awesome to say yes again. I realize I’m not 100% but I’m a long way from being homebound and nearly totally non-social. 

After Dr Fox and I talk, I will give an update again. I will also try to more clearly document my beginning to end treatments with the GyroStim when I return to Asheville, NC.