Gyrostim Update

Found this on my Facebook today.  Because of this equipment and a very good doctor in Ashville, NC – Dr. Kim Fox, I am now 15 months better by about 90%.  Yes I still have good days and bad days, but this is so much better than more than 10 years of not being able […]

One Year Anniversary

It’s been one year now since having treatment in the GyroStim in Asheville, NC. God definitely gave me a miracle. I feel truly blessed to have met Dr. Kim Fox in Asheville, NC. Without her willingness to try the GyroStim to help me with this MdDS, I don’t believe I’d be here today. I was […]

Mary Gray’s MdDS Success Story with GyroStim

           Mary’s Experience in the Asheville, NC GyroStim for Treatment of MdDS   In June of 2009 I was enjoying my day like any other day, and then all of a sudden the motion hit me like a ton of bricks.  There was rocking, swaying, and tilting; and I was terrified.  What was happening to […]

Back To The Beginning

What does mal de debarquement mean? Mal de debarquement (or mal de débarquement) syndrome (MdDS, or common name disembarkment syndrome) is a rare neurological condition usually occurring after a cruise, aircraft flight, or other sustained motion event. The phrase “mal de débarquement” is French for “sickness from disembarkation”. Mal de debarquement – Wikipedia I thought […]

Mark Cuban and His Dizzy Disorder

Mark Cuban posted a YouTube about his treatment in a Epley Chair. This sounds so much like the GyroStim but I’m sure has its differences. Here’s the YouTube he put out on a treatment for dizziness. Remember we don’t know what his diagnosis is but sounds very much like MdDS.  I am not suggesting one […]

Caring Enough To Share

Life – One minute it’s great. You are planning your dream vacation or things in your life are just so good all you do is thank God daily for all the Blessings he has given you and your family. Then you take your dream cruise, a flight you booked months ago to paradise, or you […]

Update on GyroStim Treatment for MdDS

Gosh I really am having a hard time understanding how did this work so well. It’s been 5 months and I’m still in remission. Could this be the future cure for MdDS. I believe so. I keep wanting to shout it from the mountain tops that I’m cured but I know I still watch for […]