One Year Anniversary

It’s been one year now since having treatment in the GyroStim in Asheville, NC. God definitely gave me a miracle. I feel truly blessed to have met Dr. Kim Fox in Asheville, NC. Without her willingness to try the GyroStim to help me with this MdDS, I don’t believe I’d be here today. I was becoming so desperate and depressed to the point I was feeling I was no value to my family. The one thing I did during those dark days was talk to my husband. I was scared. He was my rock and I knew without God and him, I would loose the battle to fight on in the Hell I was living. Then my miracle happened  seeing a story about a stroke patient who was using the GyroStim for balance and cognition gave me a place to try.  I was walking with a cane ready for a wheelchair and thought this had to be something more than a vestibular disorder.  It had to be MS or maybe a stroke.  Now after a year, I’m not 100% but I will accept what gains I have made of about 90%.  I put up the cane or should I say Dr. Fox took it from me 5/2/2017.  She gave me a ski pole and said she wanted my head up instead of looking at the ground.  Dr. Fox is a very skilled Vestibular therapist.  Her clinic includes DPT’s (Doctor of physical therapy not an MD) but a skilled physical therapist.  She owns the clinic and has on staff a Psychiatrist or Psychologist, a therapy dog, and many other DPT’s.

I am so very glad I met Dr. Fox and tried the GyroStim.  Without God’s guidance this would not have been possible.  Miracles do happen even if it’s only 90% and not 100% and a cure.  Keep an open mind and just Pray!!