Mark Cuban and His Dizzy Disorder

Mark Cuban posted a YouTube about his treatment in a Epley Chair. This sounds so much like the GyroStim but I’m sure has its differences. Here’s the YouTube he put out on a treatment for dizziness. Remember we don’t know what his diagnosis is but sounds very much like MdDS.  I am not suggesting one chair over another because I am not able to do so.  However since I was able to get to remission with the GyroStim, I will always be grateful for the opportunity Dr. Fox gave me in Asheville, NC



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Cindy Beagle

I am a 56 year old who suffers with Central Vestibular Disorder and possibly Mal de Debarquement Syndrome (MdDS). Central Vestibular Disorder is a central nervous system disorder. MdDS otherwise known as disembarkment syndrome is a type of vertigo except I don't spin I ROCK. The Fatigue is overwhelming and there are many other symptoms but no cure.

One thought on “Mark Cuban and His Dizzy Disorder”

  1. I remember coming across this video back in April when I had had this for only weeks. I know he got incredible relief and has now invested his own money in research and treatment.


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