Mark Cuban and His Dizzy Disorder

Mark Cuban posted a YouTube about his treatment in a Epley Chair. This sounds so much like the GyroStim but I’m sure has its differences. Here’s the YouTube he put out on a treatment for dizziness. Remember we don’t know what his diagnosis is but sounds very much like MdDS.  I am not suggesting one chair over another because I am not able to do so.  However since I was able to get to remission with the GyroStim, I will always be grateful for the opportunity Dr. Fox gave me in Asheville, NC



Caring Enough To Share

Life – One minute it’s great. You are planning your dream vacation or things in your life are just so good all you do is thank God daily for all the Blessings he has given you and your family.

Then you take your dream cruise, a flight you booked months ago to paradise, or you did nothing at all. You simply went to bed and woke up to a feeling of rocking, bobbing, swaying, trampoline walking, nausea, can’t think, concentrate, can’t walk, can’t shower and the can’ts go on and on. Now you say, what the hell happened. You still say your prayers and thank God for all his Blessings, but now you are asking Him to heal you.

A day goes by and you think I’ll be better tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and you thinking well one more day, I’ll be fine. A week then a month and now you are getting scared. What do I have. You make an appointment with your doctor who schedules an MRI of the brain and he refers you to an ENT. The MRI is negative and when you describe your symptoms to the ENT he/she says you have Vertigo. Gives you a script and says I’ll see you back in a month. In the mean time these doctors look at you like you have 4 heads. You did not describe Vertigo which is spinning but that must be what you have. You take the pills, return as directed and he/she refers you to neurology.  The Neurpologist says, looking you like you have 4 heads again, lets refer you to psych because you must be crazy. In the mean time you are suffering. Work, family and others are tired of hearing you complain. The doctors who gave you meds that can’t just be stopped, tell you they can’t prescribe to you anymore. They don’t tell you but they now think you are a drug seeker. You look for help going to doctor after doctor but get no help. In the mean time work is getting harder and your employer is becoming more impatient. Your spouse is picking up what he always expected you to do. So now your marriage is strained. Your life begins to fall apart and before you know it 5 years, 10 years have gone by and you begin to think everyone would be better if you were not here.

That’s why I CARE. That’s my story. Many doctors with no answers and then because of Gods amazing Grace you read a story about a man who had a stroke. He was using a GyroStim to help with balance and cognition. I contacted GyroStim and got a listing of locations. I live in NC and the only location in NC was in Asheville.  I called the clinic and received a call back from Dr. Kim Fox a Doctor of Physical Therapy. We talked for nearly 2 hours. She said while she had treated MdDS with vestibular rehabilitation therapy for 10 years, she had never treated anyone in the GyroStim for MdDS.  We discussed the risks and possible benefits and after understanding those, she said she would only do the treatment as a case study. Meaning she would write a paper about the outcome. I was scheduled to go up to Asheville on May 5, 2017. That was the first time since I had found a neurologist who didn’t look at me like I had 4 heads that I had a doctor who throughly understood MdDS. After a week of therapy I was 90% better. Experimental, needing more research, not a cure, this was a treatment that had promise. I returned in July for additional treatment because I wanted that 10% back too. I felt I got it but then realized I had a new problem. I was having a hard time adapting back to life as it was before MdDS.  Slowly. That is the answer. MdDS still lurks in my brain waiting for its opportunity. So I work harder to keep it away knowing it’s looking for its opportunity.

Now I must say my story does vary. I have a loving, kind and very patient husband. I lost my job, lost some friends and gained anxiety and depression. But the GyroStim gave hope and I have to share because I CARE about YOU!!

Update on GyroStim Treatment for MdDS

Gosh I really am having a hard time understanding how did this work so well. It’s been 5 months and I’m still in remission. Could this be the future cure for MdDS. I believe so. I keep wanting to shout it from the mountain tops that I’m cured but I know I still watch for triggers and feel it lurking in the background of my brain. So for now until more research is done, we’ll call it a treatment. It’s experimental but seems to be helping others too. Of course there are some with either no change or very little. Sometimes the aha moment comes a few weeks after treatment because the brain is still processing the treatment. If you have MdDS you should contact

Kimberly Caputo’s GyroStim Treatment for MdDS and her Journey to Remission.



Contributed by Kimberly Huffman Caputo and shared with her permission.

“GyroStim  treatment. I started my second week of treatment today and I am symptom free for the first time in 10 months!!! Praying this is permanent!!!”

The speed looks quite fast. That’s because she is in her second week. Dr Fox is her treating Therapist and in the first few days she works to get one use to the rotations and speed of the GyroStim.

I spoke with Kimberly today and at this time she is at zero symptoms. She is careful to also call this a treatment and not a cure. She said “it’s sort of like heartburn. It may return but the treatment is there to make it go away again”. She also said the exercises Dr Fox gave her work to put down any feelings of the symptoms that try to pop in and start again. It is definitely work to keep the symptoms from returning. More research is certainly required for this experimental treatment.

Cindy Manuel Beagle


Melissa Cook and her Journey from MdDS to Remission

Melissa asked me to add she was treated in Asheville, NC by Dr Kim Fox

Contributed by Melissa Cook and published with her permission.


I have not been able to post about my recent journey for my balance treatments because it was an emotional one as much as a physical one and I wanted to be able to hike to Pickens Nose to celebrate and today was the day I thought I was ready. The red balloons were the ones I released that represented all the symptoms I have had since 2006. Nausea, Fatigue, Headaches, Dizzy, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Tilting, Tipping, Vertigo, Swaying, Bouncing and Bobbing. All this because of my brain be very over sensitive to motion. The silver star was released because in treatments I was to look look at a star when the machine I was in stopped. If it was moving then I went another round. 10 rounds turned into 20 rounds which meant 10 days turned into 14. After 20 treatments I was Solid as a Rock which the docs consider Remission. So on this Star I wrote “Solid as a Rock”. And on the other side I wrote that I was Gyrostim patient #7 for MdDS , hence the words on my shirt done by my awesome sis n law Teresa. You will see my happy face and my ugly/happy cry face as I released these balloons. The Lord brought me to this and he brought me thru it. Thanks for all the calls texts and especially prayers for me. And I proudly say God Is Good all the time. Philippians 4:13