Life After MdDS

Since writing this, Dr. Fox is currently treating 2 more MdDS making it 6 patients she has treated in the GyroStim. Two achieving remission, one no change, and one is still in treatment and her symptoms are at a lower level.  The two currently being treated are improving and finding their symptoms are being reduced with this treatment.  So now I find it is time to publish this article

In May 2017 I went to the Asheville Balance and Vestibular Center for treatment in the Gyrostim for Mal de Debarquement Syndrome (MdDS). As the first patient being treated in the Gyrostim by Dr Fox, she and I had no idea if things would get better or worse. Well things really got better. Left with only a mild up and down bob, we made a plan for me to return in July for an additional week of treatment. In the interim, patient #2 was treated in the Gyrostim achieving zero symptoms and returning from a 3 hour drive home with continued zero symptoms. This is all so promising for patients with MdDS. But, the 2 of us realized that being normal can be a challenge too. We were sick with MdDS for 10 and 4 years respectively. We both returned home not knowing how to handle a life of normalcy. What would we be able to do without aggravating and reversing what was achieved by Dr Kim Fox and the Gyrostim. How would we live again. Not sure if we could return to the society we excited so long ago.  So now the anxiety of having MdDS has shifted to the anxiety of not having MdDS. The answer may lie in how much support we have in our home and with family and friends. We cannot allow ourselves to be pushed to do things we are not ready to do. If we say no, it’s not because we don’t want to, it’s either because we can’t or we are not ready to venture out to that point yet. Baby steps. We must baby step our way back to normalcy. Ten minutes of a walk, 5 minutes in a grocery store, etc.  It’s now been 3 months for me and I have been able to be in a grocery store for no more than 30-45 minutes. I am riding my 2 wheel bike now up to 6 miles but started by just riding to the end of our road.

Moral of the story is be patient. Normalcy will return in the form of habituation. Don’t push yourself and if you do know your limit. Listen to your body. Rest, rest, rest. Rest is so vital to recovery. Be kind to yourself. Lobby support from your friends and family. You will very quickly learn, if you haven’t already, who are your true friends and loved ones. Those who understand and pray for us daily. Those who don’t and talk behind our backs feeling that we were never sick. Love on the people who loved on us as we struggled daily. Thank them for their compassion and support.  No one gets it until they get it.


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Cindy Beagle

I am a 56 year old who suffers with Central Vestibular Disorder and possibly Mal de Debarquement Syndrome (MdDS). Central Vestibular Disorder is a central nervous system disorder. MdDS otherwise known as disembarkment syndrome is a type of vertigo except I don't spin I ROCK. The Fatigue is overwhelming and there are many other symptoms but no cure.

16 thoughts on “Life After MdDS”

  1. How long did you suffer. I’m nearly five years in and so desperate to get back to normal abd raise my three girls and be happy without living dizzy. I don’t rock but feel brain fog, dizzy and am very Florescent light sensitive.


      1. I’ve done five. I can’t handle another five. I had a wonderful life just raising lids and being a happy person. Are you willing to talk w me? My symptoms arecattpicsl (no rocking) but dizzy and all else. I’m fighting for my family. Sick of crying.


    1. No it does not make you dizzy. You are busy hitting targets with a laser pointer so you don’t have time to think about being dizzy. Plus the point of the GyroStim is to not make you dizzy but to treat the dizziness. My brain fog is gone. Cognitive and multitasking is back at almost 100%. I say almost because I still have a little bit of a hard time with multitasking.



  2. Thank you so much Cindy for your blog.. how are you doing?  Are you MdDs free….  Youre an amazing person.. thank you so much for your informative information…  Teri Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love… 

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. I’m doing very well. In remission. I still worry about triggering myself back into symptoms. It will be a daily struggle but it’s worth the battle.



      1. Cindy,

        How many Gyrostim treatments did you do per day and what was the average time per treatment? I start next week in Atlanta. My symptoms aren’t as severe as you have mentioned but I’m hoping I can knock out this subtle sense of motion I feel when sitting idle or laying still. Thanks again for all your info.

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      2. Since I lived 5 hours away, I did 2 sessions per day x 5 days and I did 2 weeks. So I did a total of 20 treatments. Each treatment lasted from 45 min to one hour. Dr Fox tailors the treatment for each individual. So some might be able to only do 30 min but I believe the most she would do is 1 hour.



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