Follow up after GyroStim Therapy May 1 thru May 5, 2017

It’s been about 5 weeks since I returned from seeing Dr. Kim Fox at the Asheville Balance and Vestibular Center in Asheville, NC.  To date I’ve only had one (1) off day.  I spoke to Dr. Fox on that day and told her I was feeling more bouncy, bobbing, etc.  I can say it was a stressful day for a lot of reasons.  Dr. Fox has such a calming voice and reminded me to do my breathing exercises, grounding exercises, head and eye exercises, as well as to rest.  I was on the road with my husband, visiting with my mom and going with her to the doctor.  Mom is 83 and is not in the best of health, so I guess this made my anxiety level tick up.  After finishing with mom and on the way home, I rested and did my breathing exercises.  As soon as we got home, I did my grounding, head and eye exercises.  I also went to bed early that night and my head was not on the pillow 5 seconds and I was out like a light.  I was very fatigued as I did not sleep the night before very well which probably started all of this anxiety.  Dr. Fox reminded me that the Anxiety and Vestibular systems cross each other in the brain, so one affects the other. The next morning and day was so much better.  Back down with my balance to maybe a level 2-3 from a 5 or higher the day before.  I was not emotional and was able to function like the day before had never happened.  Dr. Fox called me the next day to check on me and we talked more about me returning to Asheville for more therapy to see if we can “knock” this MdDS completely to the curb.  I have 2 doctors and a nurse practitioner who are so very supportive.  I know I am blessed to have been given this opportunity with Dr. Fox and have the support of my neurologist and Lindsey Jernigan, NP.  Lindsey is new for me replacing my family doctor.  She told me on my first visit she reviews all her patient charts the night before or the morning of the appointment and quite frankly she had to research me.  I showed her this info on the Gyrostim and she was so very supportative.  Wow, 3 people in the medical field who thought I could be so lucky and blessed.

Now I will be looking at schedules and planning a week or maybe 2 in Asheville to continue this case study for Mal de Debarquement Syndrome and praying for all of us this becomes a viable treatment for MdDS giving all of us HOPE for the future.

This is dedicated to all MdDS and Vestibular Patients (not all vestibular disorders can be treated with the GyroStim).